Monday, June 18, 2012

Through the eyes of a 3 1/2 month old

Sometimes I wish I could be a little baby again, 
everything is SO new and fresh
You have adoring parents to take care of you
and grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc to spoil you.

The smallest thing that you do is considered the cutest thing EVER
from a smile,
a laugh, 
a giggle,
holding a toy close,
rolling around on the ground or in your crib,
playing with anything...including your hands and feet.

This morning as I peeked in Kensington's room, she had somehow managed to squirm her way to laying in her bed perpendicular to how we had put her in there for bed...
look out, she's slowly on the move now!

The other day at daycare, she was placed on the mat on the floor with the other infants and allowed to play, and apparently bottom scooted over to the carpet...
she most likely got this from me, since I never could sit still as a child!

She seems to grow up so fast right before my eyes and I can hardly believe she is 3 1/2 months old...15 weeks officially tomorrow!  She has gotten cuter by the second and is the MOST curious baby I have ever encountered...if she is not able to see her surroundings and look at everything, she gets cranky...she's just taking it all in, and loving it!  She most always has a smile on her face (a big grin like her daddy) and can be heard throughout the house now that she has found her voice...
my personal favorites might be her high pitched squeal that we hear on the monitor as she is amusing herself in her crib in the early morning hours.

Kensington came home from daycare Friday with a card for her daddy, his first Father's Day :)  He loved it and we spent most of the weekend playing with her and spoiling her a bit ourselves...we bought her an activity center that has wheels so she can stroll around and it also turns into a walk behind apparatus, so she can learn to walk...but for now she sits in there and stares at the lights and owls on there and tries to smack the buttons...cute ;)

Here are more updated pictures since the Mother's day stuff (I can't believe I posted almost a month ago!)
Oh how I love my sweet baby girl!
Mini-skirt giggles

Bath time cuteness

Precious Kensie

Love her!

Teddy Bear CHEEKS!

Wee lil girl!

Hungry lady!