Tuesday, March 29, 2011

7 Tidbits

Thanks to Kaylia over at The Many Colours of Happiness, I have received another blog award...I can't really describe how nice it feels to really connect with readers at some level and to feel appreciated :) THANKS! (And you should probably go check her blog out too, she has some interesting things to say!)

I did just write about 7 things the other day, you can read that one here if you haven't had the chance to yet...

But in the meantime, I will keep your curiosity and slap you with another 7 facts about me:

1) I desperately want to do something crazy, like skydiving or bungee jumping...I have a deep down super thrill seeking side that has not yet been fully tapped into. I took a rock climbing class back in college and found out that I REALLY loved it (other than being super sore in the weirdest places and getting scraped up a lot). We went on a trip to do actual climbing (instead of the practice boards in a gymnasium)...it was totally insane! You really have to rely on the person who has hold of you...on a rope! They are literally your "life line" (no pun intended). I remember being with a group of my girlfriends and we picked out this one rock which had a bit of an overhang you had to climb up...and through all the pain and frustrating moments, I made it all the way to the top...I was completely exhausted afterward but the feeling I had I can't compare to anything else...so I am a big thrill seeker although I don't thrill seek much anymore
ALMOST there...reaching to finish off my climb

Climbing on up...

2) I really want to travel the world! My sister-in-law has been many places (so I am living through her at the moment) and my parents now travel all the time (no more kids in the house!) But I want to be able to travel to places I have wanted to and fully enjoy the history now (something I totally despised back in school). On our honeymoon, we visited Chichen Itza, a part of the Mayan ruins in Mexico, and it was amazing. I was so fascinated by the history and how it was built and all the amazing things and secrets that I learned
Chichen Itza

3) I really hate running. I wish I loved it, but I don't get that "runner's high" and feel like I can run for days. I more or less get the "OHMYGOSH, I have only been running for 2 minutes and I am gonna pass out..." Not exactly good for someone to have if they want to keep active. But I am trying to motivate myself/get up the nerve to join a race (I may need to start off small and just do a 5K to get my feet wet)...who knows, my competitive side may kick in and I may love it and want to up my race mileage...(we'll see)
I feel like Homer Simpson does when I run...

4) I really wish I was better at taking photographs of nature/scenery. I feel like I can see what I want my picture to look like, but the outcome is never quite as I expect it to be...maybe this means I need a much better camera, but I have borrowed some REALLY nice cameras (thanks to Mike's parents) and have had the same bad luck. Maybe this is tapping into my "creative side" trying to come back out-which luckily I have had great success making my own candles (that smell really great too!)

My 1st candle (and also Marisa'a birthday present!)

5) I want to live at the beach. Nothing soothes me more and calms me down than a nice walk in the sand. Something about the sand between my toes just makes life all better for me. I wish I were closer to the beach now, I would probably go for a stroll every night. The ocean isn't too bad either. The sounds of crashing waves and the movement of the water is just breathtaking to me. I have been so at ease that on occasion I fall asleep laying on a beach towel listening to the waves...and I don't take naps very often! Oh, I miss the beach!
Relaxin on our honeymoon

6) I can get lost in a good book. My BFF (E$) gave me the Stieg Larsson series of books for Christmas and I am completely into the first one (I had to finish other books I had borrowed first)...kinda been blazing through the 600+ page book pretty fast...it's the way he leads you on and you just HAVE to know what happens next. I really like mysteries of all types but can fall head over heels for a good love story too!

Check these books out!

7) As the years pass by, I realize I am slowly becoming my mother-and this is not a bad thing :)
Do you ever realize you are also turning into your parents little by little? My no sense of direction is totally from her...we like to give directions with a "turn by the gas station with the big balloon out front"...street names are over-rated and if you don't like my directions, well google it for yourself! I also have this thing about wiping off my glass that I am drinking from as it "perspires" (although glasses can't do that, but it seems like it's doing so)...my mom does it too. I also can't take my feet off the floor at night when I watch tv...it spells G-O-O-D-N-I-G-H-T (whether I am ready for bed or not). My mom has been known to doze off with ease while "watching" tv with my dad. We can also easily pass out in a car ride, just give us some sunglasses so we can make you think we are still awake (watch us fool you now!) She is also where I get my super-organized self from and also the feeling that I never want to let anyone down (which also means working an inordinate amount to please our bosses and make those around us happy despite the fact that it kills us working to the bone and we are exhausted later-possibly why we can easily pass out at night...)
Me and mom on my wedding day :)

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  1. Yay!!! Congrats. <3
    I would love to travel more.
    But I don't.
    Lame balls.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Aw thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog AND the award! Jeeze louise, girl. You're on top of it! Seriously though, I really appreciate it.

  3. I need to learn that turning into my Mom is a good thing.
    Your mom looks so sweet.

  4. I want to travel the world more too! Goodness. If only the tickets weren't so darn expensive! xoxo