Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Midnight Snack?!?

So I was awoken at 12:42 am to the sounds of pitter patter feet downstairs (yes-I have super sonic hearing...an odd superhero power of mine...it combines with my supersmelling nose to make me uber sensitive to most things...ugh...)

but anyways, back to the story...so I hear this pitter patter of feet (no, it's not my children, I don't have any-yet)...and I sit up in bed to realize that my dog Channing is downstairs walking around on the hardwood floors...

What is he doing?

He continues his way from somewhere far away ( I am guessing the kitchen) to up the stairs...he has no idea that I am awake when he proceeds to stop just after he has entered the room...just pausing, I feel like he is taking in the atmosphere and maybe seeing if Mike or I are awake so he can come pounce on the bed and snuggle with us...but little to my knowledge, he is doing nothing of the sort...







OMG...My dog is obscene...Of course my first thought is, Oh Boy...he is going to throw up, and I get to clean it up cuz Mike is STILL passed out despite the fact that I have had a conversation with him...and he was talking back! But thankfully, Channing just needed to get one out and then he happily plopped on his bed at the foot of our bed and passed out.

It was as though he was just going on with normal parts of his life and this was to be an expected part of his bedtime...the whole, I am gonna get a midnight snack and then come upstairs and BURP!

He is crazy...I wonder what other things he does while he thinks we are sleeping?!?

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