Friday, March 25, 2011

It's like I woke up and forgot to get dressed!

You ever get that feeling that you forgot something important but you don't realize it til it's too late...that was me, yesterday!

I am usually such a type A personality that I have to lay out my clothes, pack my lunch and get things ready for the work day the night before (I can't help it!) In this manner I can wake up "late", throw Channing outdoors for his potty break while I eat breakfast and then scurry off to's my normal habit! Everything has it's place and makes my morning life easier...

Except for yesterday...

I didn't realize I had left something very precious at home and I was not even sure where I left it, but I totally missed it yesterday. I was what I refer to as a "Hot Mess" (see my favorite cup photo below :) I even had a coworker comment on my disheveled appearance...that's a ego killer!

How could I have forgotten it?!?

Did I mention-I work in a lab, so I have lots of hands on work and need to be able to function in a quick and efficient manner with no hassles or hold-ups...this messes up my "work life" which also runs in an orderly and laid out fashion as much as I can manage (until my supervisor throws on more experiments and other odds and ends to do at whim). But yesterday I felt all out of sorts with myself...

merely because I left it at home!

I managed to feebly make it through the day slightly flustered and naturally being a Hot Mess that I was and could not wait for 4:30 to get here so I could rush to my car and zoom home...back to it...the thing I had did I ever leave it at home/not have an extra at work?!

this was absurd

Once I arrived home I greeted my husband who was outside and then dashed inside and upstairs to the bedroom to look for it, see where I had misplaced it to...and then I found it! Laying there helpless on the floor, beside my bed, underneath my bedside long lost treasure that I missed so much during the day...

I picked it up

I was then trying to figure out how on Earth I had managed to not "micro-manage" this and place it where I would find it in the morning like I do with all my other Type A personality stuff? Why did I merely let it fall by the wayside knowing that I would totally regret not putting it somewhere that I would not forget it tomorrow morning in my mad dash around the house in the 15 min I spend getting ready and then running out the door?

This won't happen again!

I will make sure I have extras-everywhere! That will solve this dilemma. No more trudging through the work day with this feeling that I am out of order and not together in the right ways...never again will I leave it at home, or if I do, I will have an extra in my car and at work in my desk and maybe in my purse too!

my hair tie!

I missed it so- and maybe you wouldn't have quite a "moment" (ok a day!) like I did, but trying to do lab work all day with your hair in your face and not being able to push this hair out of your face while doing this lab work (due to having gloves on and not wanting to contaminate things) makes my life crazy!

So, dear hair tie, I promise to not forget you anymore, or leave you behind, or if you do get left behind I will borrow one of your friend hair ties that I will keep with me in various places so we can never experience this again!

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