Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Around the Corner

HAPPY FRIDAY! That's one phrase that will never get old to me, especially while I am working Mon-Fri...I always walk into work and my fellow co-worker (who also comes in super early like me) tend to shout very loudly in the otherwise empty lab "HAPPY FRIDAY!!!"'s contagious and we all say it throughout the morning as everyone can't help but smile! I promise, so try it out next Friday and see how many grins you get :)

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, my husband and I will be heading to our hometown to see our families (yes-we are those high school sweethearts and it is SO convenient to be able to go to ONE town and see both sides of the family...)

On the agenda:
1) FINALLY see my dog Channing, I have been missing his wiggly butt for a week now! (painful)
2) Eat yummy dinner with Mike's parents a Bonefish Grill tonight!
3) Try to sneak away Saturday to get mani/pedi's with my mom and sister...Mike and his dad will be working on lowering on newly acquired Subaru WRX and I just don't feel like being a grease monkey this weekend-don't get me wrong, I am totally THAT girl that will get all up in the middle of fixing things and tools and cars and all...I mean, that's one of those things about Mike that I love (his lil engineering self always wanted to take apart and put things back to see how they work first hand...)...just not this was only a few weekends ago that we put in a turbo exhaust (which took the better part of a day)...So I wanna pamper myself!
4) Head back so Mike can play a soccer game Sunday morning and I can bathe our poor stinky dog (he is a bit overdue in that department!)
5) Catch up on all my "tv junkie" needs Sunday afternoon and be lazy!
6) Maybe try to get out in the yard (weather depending) and trim my monkey's gotten crazy!
7) Make super duper yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner Sunday night-mmmmmm Mexican food!!

I am also hoping to be able to see my adorable niece (who is 3) at her dance class...I have already seen some really cute/funny footage and pictures and heard some silly stories about this, so hopefully I can make it and share some fun with you too!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, whatever you may be doing!!

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