Monday, March 19, 2012

Let me introduce our bundle of joy...

First off, sorry for taking so long to post about the birth of my sweet baby girl!

Kensington Capri with Mommy (pardon my exhausted look) and Daddy

I have been a little preoccupied with loving on her non-stop!

Our sweet girl, Kensington Capri, was born on March 6th, 2012 at 2:04pm.  She weighed in at 9 lbs 10.1 ozs and was 21.5" long.  She couldn't have been any more perfect from the start!

As far as my labor story goes, I was induced Monday March 5th in the evening since my doctor suspected a large baby (and boy was she right!)

I was put on pitocin to get things going around 7:30 am March 6th and progressed through labor until having her in the early afternoon hours.  I feel very fortunate that I was not in active labor for very long or pushing for very long either.  I did my best at sticking to my birth plan and received a half dose of meds in order to relax me a bit, but nothing else.  I wanted to use the tools I was taught in my Lamaze class in order to give birth, and I think the process was amazing.  Naturally, I would not have been able to get through it all without the amazing help and support of my loving husband as well as my nurse and doctor.

Now that baby girl is almost 2 weeks old (tomorrow!!), we are finally getting into more of a schedule and I swear she was on a 4 hour feeding schedule last night compared to a 3 hour schedule the night before...she amazes her momma every day in some way!

enough of the talking, let me show you why I have not been posting/reading any blogs for a while!

Daddy and baby girl

Sweet hair bow!

Mommy and baby girl

Swaddled in zebra stripes

Auntie M and baby girl


Super sleepy

Smiling angel

Bright eyed girl

Monday, March 5, 2012

The day has come...

Dear sweet Kensington,

I can't believe that 9 months has passed us by, although I must admit these past few weeks have felt like an eternity to mommy and daddy.  We are SO anxious and excited to finally meet you and your chubby cheeks and mohawk hairdo that we can barely contain ourselves.  Mommy is scheduled for an induction TODAY at 5pm.  The hospital bags have been packed for weeks but are now safe and secure in the car...along with your car seat and a cute toy for you.

I think back to the first time we saw you, our little Mexican jumping bean...upside down and wiggling frantically about in mommy's belly.  The joy we had at that moment will surely be outdone when we actually get to see/hold you very soon.  I think I might miss your kicks and jabs at me, but as long as you shoot mommy a smile or stare into my eyes all day long, I think I will make it ;)

Your room has been perfected, over and over again.  Your cute clothes are washed and ready to be put may even wear 30 outfits a day and not have to worry about putting the same thing are already spoiled and have no idea!  Besides your bedroom, there are little stations set up through the house for you to sleep in mommy and daddy's room and one downstairs so we can snuggle all day no matter where we end up.

Your grandparents are also very excited to see you and have already expressed how they cannot wait to hold you in their arms...not to mention the rest of the family and all our friends (who also feel like family to us!)

Just know you will be well watched after, loved endlessly and certainly (with a technology daddy like you have) documented very well with pictures and videos your entire life.

Mommy and daddy love you so much and we are thrilled that the day has finally come, we will see you soon sweet girl!

Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Leap Day baby here

So I seriously was convinced that I was going to have my little girl on Leap Day yesterday.  Ever since I found out that 2012 was a leap year and that I was due with her March just seemed that she would be destined to truly celebrate her birthday once every 4 years (on the actual day)...not saying there would be no birthday celebration, cuz I don't roll that way, no sir!

But, alas, she did not come yesterday.

I think she was being stubborn and just KNEW that her real birthday would only happen once every 4 years, and she was NOT about to have that.  I mean, I thought for SURE she was coming to meet us yesterday.

I woke at 2 am and started timing contractions

Naturally, these were sporadic and lasting different amounts of time and weren't the "true labor contractions"...but I was having them nonetheless...and they continued to go on from 2 am til almost 10 am, without really stopping...which in my head meant something was destined to happen yesterday and that we are about to finally meet our sweet girl

But, she is stubborn...

We have been trying our best to "help her along the way..." with spicy food at every meal since Tuesday night (except for breakfasts...) and we took a REALLY looooooong walk today since it almost got to 80 degrees outside.  But, she remains in there for now, milking the whole cuddly/cozy effect being inside my belly has on her.  

I guess I can't blame her...

Apparently my poor mother carried me an extra week past her due date (I apparently did not want to be born on Halloween!) 

So, we shall continue to play the waiting game with this girl...but she better know that come Monday evening when mommy starts to be induced, she better start making her way into this world, cuz I don't think I am going to wanna wait much past then!

In other news, miraculously the swelling that has been plaguing my poor feet has completely disappeared...not sure why or how this happened, but mommy is VERY thankful!