Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day of Firsts, Fun, Family and Friends!

Yesterday my sister came...It was GLORIOUS to have girl time/day with her.

Here's the down and dirty of our day:
1) We met up with Mike during his lunch break from his test (4 hr morning and 4 hr afternoon sessions)

2)Went to DSW (which is basically 3 lil letters that equate to shoe heaven!)

3) Proceeded to Chipotle for a massive burrito and a corona for our late lunch

4) Shopped til we dropped (about 2-3 hours later)

5) Got pampered with a mani/pedi

6) Arrived back home, ate some dinner and got ready and then headed out on the town for some drinks with friends

This was also a day of 1sts for me, which included:

1)Buying my first pair of pumps! Thanks to the help of my sister.
(I skipped the whole "regular" style and went straight for a peep toe and platform look...kind of a go big or go home type deal!)

2) Wore red lipstick (via my friend M)
(not sure why I am laughing sooooo hard! But this is the only pic on my camera where I am sporting the red lips!)

(so now I might be less UNgirly than before!)

3) I made another candle (not a first, I know), but tried my creative side and made a stackable with two colors and also added dye to a white one and swirled it before it dried/hardened...

4) While at the nail salon, got my manicure with Shellac (the new craze now a days)
I would recommend this, your nails feel super hard and the dry time is instant, you also put your hands into mini tanning bed devices (since the nail polish has UV in it)

Of course, after all that and being out til late last night/this conjunction with drinking way too many beers/shots/car bombs, I totally did nothing other than rent 3 movies and watched them all with Mike and stayed on the couch drinking full calorie soda and eating greasy breakfast food...

Maybe I will be more productive tomorrow!


  1. It all sounds so fun!!

    I love the shoes :) Red lipstick is the best, and it really suits you!

  2. you looked AMAZING in the red lipstick! BUY SOME.

  3. sounds like loads of fun!

    i always know when i've had a full and fun weekend when sunday involves sitting/laying through multiple movies. :)