Saturday, April 9, 2011

I get it...just don't get fast food ever again!

OK-here is the situation...

Mike and I tend to have nights where we just don't feel like cooking, one of which happened last night.. We decided to head out and we were feeling some pizza and tacos, luckily there is a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combination fast food joint not too far from us...

so off we went, with Channing dog in the back seat (he loves car rides!)

We ended up getting personal pizza combos (they come with bread sticks) and I also wanted a taco. We roll around to the window to pay and pick up our food and Mike proceeds to pull forward maybe a car length and asks me if my taco was in the bag or not (being small and the other items were easily visible.)

No, it's not!

Go figure...this isn't the first time we have been jipped out of food going through drive-thru we have learned to check our bag contents before we head home-yes we made the mistake of coming home and not checking and missing a sandwich or fries or...let's just say we learned our lesson.

So we pull into a spot and Mike heads in with our receipt.

I am staring in trying to see what's going on, but I am too far away...I then see Mike coming back out and walking to the car...empty handed. He opens the door and asks for the food bag back-they want to check it out. I pass it over to him and honestly can't believe he had to take in the bag. I then see him come back out, with a manger in tow.

Are you kidding?

This lady proceeds to ask if the taco fell out or if we ate it already or if we are hiding it in the car and want to cheat them outta money (it's 1 taco and it's $1, really?!?) She then circles the car and is peeping into each window and looking around. At this point I am fuming. She explains to us that they have lots of people do this to them and they have to watch out for themselves and that she literally saw them place the taco in a separate plastic bag and then into our bag as it was handed to us.

I don't know what kind of imagination this lady had...maybe the bag behind ours got the free taco!

I can tell Mike is upset cause he is explaining how many times we have been jipped outta food as well and that we have to look after ourselves. I then roll my window down and explain that we have had so many times where the company didn't give us the proper order and we arrived home and that's why he pulled up a car length, we checked the bag, and then pulled into a spot...we would never steal food or ask for more when we already had our order...we just want what's ours and what we paid for...

The nerve!

Mike then goes back inside with the manager and comes back out with a little plastic bag, with 2 tacos in it. At this point I have a feeling that the contents of these tacos has either been rubbed all over the floor, spit in, or even worse...I am scared of what's happened to them knowing that these employees can't stand us right now for wanting the taco we paid for.

Would you eat it??

We ate our pizzas and bread sticks and the tacos were all that was left on the table. Mike asked what we should do and I again told him I didn't know what happened to them (if anything) and that you know what happens when food gets sent back at restaurants (just watch the movie Waiting, you will never send food back ever again!)

So what did we do with them?

I told Mike to try to get the meat and cheese and let Channing have a treat. (Is that horrible???) I was too freaked to eat it, but I figure a dog eats food that has been on the floor or eats/licks the plate/silverware after we have eaten off it (similar to spit on...) He seemed to enjoy it and has been fine ever since (seeing that he didn't throw up or anything last night).

Moral of the story: Maybe fast food consumption is no longer for us...

but it's so much easier than making dinner and I really LOVE french fries!

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