Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini Beauty Spree

Ok, so after last weekend and my sister coming and helping me get the perfect pair of pumps (which I LOVE!)...and also wearing yummy red lipstick...I decided to do a mini beauty spree...very mini (remember I am not the typically girly this was BIG for me)

After my sister was staying here, she had to use my hair dryer-mind you that I have had one of those cheapo 2 pack mini hair dryers from back in the 80's...nothing wrong with them...they just take HOURS to dry your hair...

It was time to upgrade me!

So I bought a nice new hair dryer with all the "frills"...multi-speed/hot/cold/warm and cold shot...also it's ionic which is supposed to be better for your hair (=less frizz!)

I also ventured down the cosmetics aisles...and let's say I got 3 types of lip lovelies...lipstick "seductive" color, hypershine gloss in "bubblegum" and liquid lipstick in "baby lips"

Bring it on world...

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