Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out of this funk

I tried my best yesterday to get rid of my bad karma...

I took 1/2 day at work so my husband didn't have to in order to let the HVAC guys fix our AC...thank goodness that works now!

I also took the rest of the afternoon off to mow our lawn (for the hubby) and then the neighbors yard (which my husband does for them since they asked us to) as well as the neighbor's yard across the cul-de-sac (since the hubby usually does this one too and the family there is super busy with a cute baby and the daddy is doing lots of extra work).

After an hour of mowing lawns (with a PUSH mower and up and down the hill) I was drenched in sweat and grass cuttings and felt much better about things.

Now my car is fixed, the AC is back to cooling and I slept in my comfy bed and got many hours of much needed make up sleep.

Today since the hubby will be mountain biking, I plan to clean the house and get laundry done after working out...we'll see how much I get done...but I figure the more I get done during the work week, the less to do over the weekend = more time to relax and enjoy what I want to do!

Happy Wednesday = half way through the work week...almost there!

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