Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goose Sitting

No, not an actual goose...
not any Honk Honk noises or anything...

We are dog sitting our friends' dog who is called Goose.

She is super cute and such a puppy (all she wants to do is play...ALL the time).

Let me share some of the pics I took (and most of which I texted to her parents cuz they missed her so)

HI, I'm Goose, and I am also super cute...

Channing (our dog) and Goose playing outside

Goose and I chillin on the couch

She really likes the couch

Possibly asking permission to come up?!?

I think she found a new toy she liked

Cute face!

BFF's under the table
Mike and Goose, relaxin

Hot dogs

Protecting the yard

On the prowl

Tuckered out Goose!

These two pups also LOVED running around in the back yard...see below (and don't worry, the growling noises are them playing around and they didn't harm each other)

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  1. What a fun opportunity to take care of such a cute little goose pup!