Thursday, April 28, 2011

In need of a vacation

It's been one of those weeks at work--



overly busy

I need a vacation!

(I know I just took a long weekend mid-April, but I need a week long one!)

So, in spite of not being able to get outta town for another couple weekends, I am going to post some fun pics of past vacations :) They make me happy.

2003 Beach Vacation with Mike and Charley
cute little frog on my fingers

2003 Beach vacation (me and Mike)

2004 Family Cruise...Mike did some photos of me when I wasn't paying attention, but I love black and white and how he caught me just relaxing and enjoying the moment...I was so relaxed here

2008 Beach Vacation, Mike and I soaking in the sun

2008 Corbin (my nephew) being cute!

2008 Beach, Lillie (my niece) being one happy baby!

2008 The gang on one of our beach camping trips

2008, the boyz being silly!

2009 time at Summersville Lake Marina (Channing loves his daddy!!)

2009 Family Beach Vacation-Corbin getting thrown in the pool

2009, Lillie being a water baby

2009 Beach, Mike flippin out

2009 Beach, me being silly happy

2010 Baltimore trip (pretty architecture)

2010 Honeymoon in Mexico

2010 Honeymoon (a cenote, amazing, visit one!)

2010 Boating trip, Lillie enjoying being on a boat

2010 Beach Vacation, Corbin loving the amusement park ride
2010 Beach, Lillie decked out in her swimming gear-toooo cute

Enough cuteness...I still need a vacation...

Any vacation plans for you?

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