Thursday, April 21, 2011

Language Barrier

As I may have mentioned before, I work in a we have a compilation of different nationalities and sometimes what one person means can be lost in the lingo of language barriers...

Well, this happened usual

Our lunch conversations make my days

for real

We had a guy who left for Med school come back to visit and he was asked by one of the women in our lab the following...(and keep in mind that this guy was a bit of a mind in the trash type...)

"Have you had any deep interactions with any females on your campus?"

Now, to most people this may be taken as
-do you have a girlfriend?
-did you make and friends that are females?

But naturally this guy takes it one step further and exploits this fact to the rest of the lunch room (mind you, he was nice enough to wait until the question asker was gone from the room)...

So naturally it has now turned into the new way to talk about sex...

Had any deep interactions lately?


Did I mention I love the people in my lab and the fact that we have such a barrier and they can hardly understand Americans and we can hardly understand any of them (they are from all over every other continent...) makes for a really fun work place sometimes!

And don't worry, it's doesn't always get "in the gutter"...

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