Tuesday, August 23, 2011

12 weeks + A day for the memory books

So, I am officially 12 weeks pregnant today and boy do I feel a WHOLE lot better than yesterday
(worst day of pregnancy by far yet..)

I have heard that when women hit 12 weeks in their pregnancy that some magical
*light switch*
goes off and their energy is restored and the yucky belly feelings subside

so far so good today!

I am totally looking forward to Thursday when we go for another ultrasound to check up on things

Nothing like seeing that lil butterbean wiggling around in my belly
(and the odd sensation of "Why can't I feel that!??!?!??")

Of course, I hope to post again then or maybe this weekend on that experience :)

But in the meantime, I did experience my 1st earthquake today.

A 5.9 magnitude that had its epicenter in Mineral, VA (which is ~40 miles from where I live)

Check out more info, pics and video here...

Slightly freaked out sitting in my chair and labcoat at work today...then panicked as we realized everyone was heading outta the building that felt like it was swaying and rumbling all at once...

I may have panic cried

leave me alone-I am hormonal and pregnant-it's allowed!

Anyways, I guess I will always remember this and also put it in my baby journal so that when Baby A understands me when I read I can share the experience we shared together today :)

How was your Tuesday?

Oh, and by the way, my family is all safe and there was no damage here, but keeping those in my thoughts and prayers that may have been less fortunate in Mother's Nature's temper tantrum today...


  1. Hope that "switch" settles things for you! I was I an earth quake (5.8 on the West Coast) when I was expecting too and it just seems scarier when you are housing a new life! Glad you are safe and hope things go well! Congrats! (I popped over from Grosgrain)

  2. You are luckier than me. The switch NEVER went on the entire pregnancy. I was sick the whole 9 months. Good luck. I hope it's the end of the yuckiness for you.

  3. I didn't really experience nausea in my first tri--just for a week or so & then it went away (around 6w)...but the extreme fatigue/exhaustion is what killed me. And then, exactly 1 day before I hit 12 weeks, I experienced the light switch & my entire 2nd tri was heavenly BLISS! Hoping the same for you :)