Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pleasant Surprise!

Super pumped that my sister-in-law is back in the states for ~1 month. She ended up coming to our house last night with her mom and stayed over.
(remember how we just visited her for her graduation here?)

Naturally after they arrived we chatted on forever! (til about 11pm)

Poor thing is still adjusting to the time change, so I am not sure how she managed to stay up so late-
what a trooper!

I *wish* I had the day off, they are heading to the outlets in Williamsburg today to do MASSIVE shopping

(enter jealousy here)

Of course, they did offer to get stuff for us if we needed, and really, I can't think of anything we NEED...

Naturally there is ALWAYS stuff you want ;)

I also went out to dinner last night at Plaza Azteca (which opened not too long ago around these parts). The hubbs and I met up with two other couples from my work. It was nice to get away from the work scene with some girls I really enjoy hanging one is a mommy and brought her ADORABLY cute 15 month old-and she was SO good for over an hour while we chatted it up and ate to our hearts' content!

Great night all around!

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