Tuesday, July 12, 2011

London Trip...in a nutshell

So, we made it back safely from our week trip to London (WAY too short of a trip!)

I could easily blab on for pages about everything we did and saw, so instead, I will use pictures!!

First, some of our sightseeing (in Panorama form thanks to my husband!)

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

Outside of London Tower

The Globe Theatre

Royal Festival Hall (for the graduation ceremony)
Me, Mike, Alec, Laura and mom and dad for Laura's graduation!

Changing of the guard at London Tower (specifically where the Crown Jewels are kept)

Westminster Abbey

The boys (Mike and his dad) were set up to drive sports cars for an afternoon, Here is Mike standing by the Aston Martin...he also drove a Ferrari and Lamborghini...he may have been in car heaven here!

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

St. Paul's Cathedral

This tid bit of pictures doesn't even come close to how many places we went to and saw and everything we did (we got close to 1,000 pics and went to SO many places!)

I had a wonderful time there and would love to go back soon!
Lucky for me, my sister-in-law lives there so I can always crash on a couch, right?!?

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