Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Suckerpunch" the weather

So despite having 80 degree temps last snowed overnight/some today! I can't even believe it! I was just getting into the rhythm of warmer weather and not needing my heavy jacket/scarf/gloves/etc. Luckily I think it's only gonna last a few days and then back to 70's by next weekend! HOORAY!

I also went to the movies last night (a first in a while) is kinda a big treat for us to go to the movies these days (so expensive!) But we went to Cinebistro and I would recommend going if there is one near you. We had been previously and weren't too impressed with the food so we decided to go and get popcorn and beer instead (that's can drink alcohol legally while watching the movie). We did notice that others around us who had ordered dinner were eating some pretty yummy looking plates of food, so next time we may change it up and get something else! The chairs are large and comfy and there is so much aisle space between you and the seats in front and behind you that you never have to worry about that awkward "I gotta pee" moment and stumbling over people in seats next to you-it's almost impossible to do this here. It is also a 21 and older movie place so no screaming children or seat kicking or teens texting in the middle of the movie with their cell phones lighting up and distracting you...just a bunch of adults watching a film and drinking some beers/mixed drinks...fabulous!

We went to see Suckerpunch and since I don't want to give it away for those of you who may go see it (since it just came out)...I will just say that I am left wondering what the underlying themes are and that the visual effects were quite nice (in my opinion). I did enjoy it but can totally see why over 1/2 the theater was dudes (a total man flick with pretty girls in little outfits, fighting, dragons, futuristic scenes and special effects galore)...but I did enjoy it. I do think it is one of those movies that I need to watch again to get the grasp of it all now that I have seen the film...we did sit in car and discuss our opinions on the ride home with our friend Dana who saw it with us (who also agreed that it's a movie to be seen multiple times). But I did like the Baby Doll actress (Emily Browning) pictured below-she's kind of a badass!


  1. Sounds like a great movie theatre!! We have something like that here, but it's super expensive. The food is amazing though!
    Is it sad that as soon as you said dragons I really wanted to see it? Maybe, but now I really want to see it!

    Glad you had such a good time :)


  2. It was 80 degrees last Wednesday. It was 30 degrees on Thursday. It snowed 4 inches on Saturday.
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