Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I am really ready for the warmer weather of Spring...I am excited that March is here and that Spring is just around the corner!

With this in mind, I have a HUGE list of things that I wanna do...in no particular order:
  1. Shamrock the Block is March 12th, and free, which also helps. I didn't end up going last year, but I heard it was amazing...so maybe I can wander that way this year
  2. Picasso Exhibit at the VFMA. He is the one artist who I have truly admired and loved his works...and what better way to celebrate then to go see them on display at the VMFA. I mean, how many times will something like this even happen?!?
  3. Maymont - whether just to see it or for this little gem, a full moon hike/guided tour on March 18. Sounds like a neat way to find out more and truly enjoy something so special.
  4. Southern Women's Show March 18-20. This sounds like an all encompassing shindig type retreat deal for women...health, beauty, fashion, food! Need I say more?
  5. First Fridays Artwalk in downtown Richmond, on the first Friday of each month. I will be missing this coming Friday, but if you can make it let me know how it is!
  6. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens - the flowers-it's totally getting to be that time of the year where things are starting to bloom and become all lovely after the winter frost and I can't wait! (maybe the only things I don't love is the crazy yellow pollen dusting that encompasses ALL!!)...plus flowers are super pretty...

And last but not least....Dog Jog 5K Run - if you know anything about me, know this...animals have a super special place in my heart. Growing up with dogs and having my big black lab mix baby now, I can't imagine any better way to get my butt in gear than this...either run a 5K to support the SPCA or walk 1 mile with my pooch! (or both if you are ambitious!) This is my baby (aka Channing)...he is now 5 years old, but I think I will always see him as this tiny lil guy who used to curl up in my lap while I drove...I am sure I will divulge many more stories about him later on in this blog (I mean, he is my baby, I took him in and raised him up!)

Adorable! Other than these lovely little items I can't wait til the weather is warmer for lake trips, trips to Belle Isle, and beach trips! So much fun to come I can hardly contain it all...Hope you have something to look forward to as well...Happy March to all!


  1. Yes! Picasso! Let me know when you all go! Also I might want to go to that March 18th Maymont event with you all! Sounds awesome! (but let me see about thesis...wah wah)

  2. My goodness! Your pup Channing looks just like my now 70lb behemoth of a pup looked when he was a baby. Look at those eyes!

    Adorable blog -- Misa suggested it and I love what I read. Keep it up (and stay strong with giving up soda - I did it when i was a freshman in college and i havent had a sip since. Hard at first, but you can do it!!)

  3. M- I will let you know when we plan to go...it's a date!

    Mrs. Bama- Thanks for the support...I will try my best with soda, but it's my vice!

    Thanks for reading!!!