Thursday, August 25, 2011

Butterbean is bigger!

Holy Legs Batman!
(see picture farther below with explanation!)

So we had another ultrasound today to ease our minds and check/screen for 3 possible disorders...basically to better prepare ourselves early then to get to the end and have an extra load on our shoulders on top of just having a newborn

Luckily for us, we are way out of the range for possibly having any of the disorders and we both feel much more at ease.

Baby A was sleeeeeeping this morning and would not move the lady had me cough to move/wake up the lil tyke

Finally, s/he started to move a bit and wave it's hand and open/close it's mouth!!

I couldn't believe it all...seems so crazy since I still cannot feel anything (and believe me, I try, my hands are constantly on my belly!)

We also got to hear the heart beat this time (at 153 beats) which sounded like a horse galloping along...but was normal and healthy.

So here is the updated pic of the lil one in my belly...sorry for the horrible pics, we were at a different place that basically did screening, not so much those adorable pics to look back on...but the entire ultrasound was awesome and my husbands' face was glued to the tv screen (adorable!)

the first 2 are the whole baby and the last one my husband wanted cuz it showed the baby's feet (and were showing the legs too-which were really long already, but are not in the pic).

So, I have a giraffe in my belly

but I love him/her regardless...

gonna be leggy like mommy!

Hope your day was great!
p.s. we also had another aftershock happen at about 1am (woke me up!)

Hope everyone has a great/safe weekend, we are hoping to steer clear of Irene (the hurricane)...but only time will tell what happens and where she hits on land!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

12 weeks + A day for the memory books

So, I am officially 12 weeks pregnant today and boy do I feel a WHOLE lot better than yesterday
(worst day of pregnancy by far yet..)

I have heard that when women hit 12 weeks in their pregnancy that some magical
*light switch*
goes off and their energy is restored and the yucky belly feelings subside

so far so good today!

I am totally looking forward to Thursday when we go for another ultrasound to check up on things

Nothing like seeing that lil butterbean wiggling around in my belly
(and the odd sensation of "Why can't I feel that!??!?!??")

Of course, I hope to post again then or maybe this weekend on that experience :)

But in the meantime, I did experience my 1st earthquake today.

A 5.9 magnitude that had its epicenter in Mineral, VA (which is ~40 miles from where I live)

Check out more info, pics and video here...

Slightly freaked out sitting in my chair and labcoat at work today...then panicked as we realized everyone was heading outta the building that felt like it was swaying and rumbling all at once...

I may have panic cried

leave me alone-I am hormonal and pregnant-it's allowed!

Anyways, I guess I will always remember this and also put it in my baby journal so that when Baby A understands me when I read I can share the experience we shared together today :)

How was your Tuesday?

Oh, and by the way, my family is all safe and there was no damage here, but keeping those in my thoughts and prayers that may have been less fortunate in Mother's Nature's temper tantrum today...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Last Weekend Everrrr

First off, sorry for the lack of posts, but now that it's out there that I am expecting-this little peanut in my belly makes me SO sleepy that by the time I get done with work, I can hardly keep my eyes open, let alone blog...sorry!!

I have to say that one thing I cherish a lot is time with my family. This, of course, includes my husbands' family as well since we are high school sweethearts and essentially grew up over the summers at each others house.

My nephew, Corbin, turned 7 on August 9th and my family came to us to celebrate!!

We had plans to go to CMOR (Children's Museum of Richmond) but after they got here we enjoyed grilling and eating yummy cake, then did some back to school shopping...
Let me just say these two kiddos will have the sweetest kicks in class.

Corbin got some really sweet looking Nike shoes and Lillie ended up with the pinkest, most bedazzled and light up shoe available-she will be all the rage in preschool!

After that we rested up before heading to Chuck E Cheese around 5.


SO many kids running everywhere, games galore, pizza, ice cream, lights, entertainment galore

We spent 3 hours there and realized we needed to head out so these kiddos could get to bed, but they had 1500 tickets or so to "cash in" (yes, us adults are young at heart too and we had just as much fun playing all those games too!)

Corbin on the flying machine

Corbin and Lillie on a roller-coaster simulator (love their faces!)

We headed to brunch the following morning before sending them off and ended up at Kitchen 64, which everyone LOVED!
Sunday afternoon was great as Mike's family arrived. His sister is in town from London for the month before she goes to start her job there in early September, so it was great to see her too!

We ended up going to Cinebistro for dinner and a movie, which is always great. Afterwards we hung out at the house and chatted and caught up on things.

What a lovely weekend!

Wish they could all be full of family time :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peanut - Butterbean - etc

Well, I don't know how else to really say this but-

I'm Pregnant!

I couldn't be happier to share this news and be able to document my belly growing and ultrasound pics and more on here so when Baby A actually becomes old enough to look and see this stuff, s/he can appreciate it and see the journey s/he took in mommy's belly...

We actually found out WAY back on July 1st, 2011...also the day we left to go to London for a this kiddo is already a world traveler!

I am currently 11wks 1 day and can't wait for the 2nd trimester to hurry up and get here-I hear this is when you get uber energy back and maybe don't feel so bad...bring it!

I am hoping to post some pics and things as they come along and update weekly if possible...

but for now, I leave you with Baby A's first pictures...

(and yes, the Dr said this kid is a Mexican Jumping Bean - since s/he is on his/her head and not the other way around!)

Probably the coolest experience to see this kiddo squirming around yet not being able to feel anything yet...I swear s/he waved hello too :)

Love you Baby A,
can't wait for you to arrive ~ March 6th, 2012!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pleasant Surprise!

Super pumped that my sister-in-law is back in the states for ~1 month. She ended up coming to our house last night with her mom and stayed over.
(remember how we just visited her for her graduation here?)

Naturally after they arrived we chatted on forever! (til about 11pm)

Poor thing is still adjusting to the time change, so I am not sure how she managed to stay up so late-
what a trooper!

I *wish* I had the day off, they are heading to the outlets in Williamsburg today to do MASSIVE shopping

(enter jealousy here)

Of course, they did offer to get stuff for us if we needed, and really, I can't think of anything we NEED...

Naturally there is ALWAYS stuff you want ;)

I also went out to dinner last night at Plaza Azteca (which opened not too long ago around these parts). The hubbs and I met up with two other couples from my work. It was nice to get away from the work scene with some girls I really enjoy hanging one is a mommy and brought her ADORABLY cute 15 month old-and she was SO good for over an hour while we chatted it up and ate to our hearts' content!

Great night all around!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bathing Beauties!

I know you are all probably thinking I am talking about people, but not this post!

I have come to realize that my dog, Channing, is a bathing beauty.
He LOVES to lay in the hot sun and bake for minutes...usually best done when it is 100 degrees and the heat index is near 110!

Did I mention he has black fur!

He's crazy, but I love that furball!

I also have some lovely bounty from the garden...some big ole cucumbers!
We also have tons of cherry tomatoes (from plants we did NOT even plant) and are anxiously awaiting our big boy tomatoes and green peppers to come husband has loved the cucumbers, luckily, since I am not much of a fan