Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time flies!

It's crazy that I haven't written on here in almost 7 months...

Time really flies by and with my little Kensington growing like a weed and being a non-stop little mover, our house seems to be on the go-go-go from sun-up til past sundown!

Yesterday my husband picked Kensie up from daycare where her teachers painted her fingernails and toe nails a lovely shade of magenta :)  When I dropped her off this morning they made sure we weren't mad...I was honestly SUPER surprised they could get her to SIT STILL for that long!  Maybe it's just with us that she seems to never stop moving?!? 


For our 4th of July, we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, where Kensie spent the morning running around and exploring.  The grounds are beautiful and well maintained.  There are tons of kid friendly things to do and we would have gone into the butterfly exhibit, but the line was SUPER long, and someone doesn't like to wait.

Other than that, she is wearing 18month-2T clothes (and not even 17 months!)  She is out tall little string bean!  And, she is pretty darn cute in her little cowgirl boots and dress!

 She also is in love with water play and being goofy with her mommy and daddy!

She amazes us with the number of words she knows and the fact that she can open doors in our house...and is already trying to jump...let alone literally running all over the place!  
We can't wait to see what's next!