Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Last Weekend Everrrr

First off, sorry for the lack of posts, but now that it's out there that I am expecting-this little peanut in my belly makes me SO sleepy that by the time I get done with work, I can hardly keep my eyes open, let alone blog...sorry!!

I have to say that one thing I cherish a lot is time with my family. This, of course, includes my husbands' family as well since we are high school sweethearts and essentially grew up over the summers at each others house.

My nephew, Corbin, turned 7 on August 9th and my family came to us to celebrate!!

We had plans to go to CMOR (Children's Museum of Richmond) but after they got here we enjoyed grilling and eating yummy cake, then did some back to school shopping...
Let me just say these two kiddos will have the sweetest kicks in class.

Corbin got some really sweet looking Nike shoes and Lillie ended up with the pinkest, most bedazzled and light up shoe available-she will be all the rage in preschool!

After that we rested up before heading to Chuck E Cheese around 5.


SO many kids running everywhere, games galore, pizza, ice cream, lights, entertainment galore

We spent 3 hours there and realized we needed to head out so these kiddos could get to bed, but they had 1500 tickets or so to "cash in" (yes, us adults are young at heart too and we had just as much fun playing all those games too!)

Corbin on the flying machine

Corbin and Lillie on a roller-coaster simulator (love their faces!)

We headed to brunch the following morning before sending them off and ended up at Kitchen 64, which everyone LOVED!
Sunday afternoon was great as Mike's family arrived. His sister is in town from London for the month before she goes to start her job there in early September, so it was great to see her too!

We ended up going to Cinebistro for dinner and a movie, which is always great. Afterwards we hung out at the house and chatted and caught up on things.

What a lovely weekend!

Wish they could all be full of family time :)

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  1. That sounds so amazing! They are the cutest kids :) Family time is wonderful, I'm so glad you are getting so much of it :) xoxo