Thursday, August 25, 2011

Butterbean is bigger!

Holy Legs Batman!
(see picture farther below with explanation!)

So we had another ultrasound today to ease our minds and check/screen for 3 possible disorders...basically to better prepare ourselves early then to get to the end and have an extra load on our shoulders on top of just having a newborn

Luckily for us, we are way out of the range for possibly having any of the disorders and we both feel much more at ease.

Baby A was sleeeeeeping this morning and would not move the lady had me cough to move/wake up the lil tyke

Finally, s/he started to move a bit and wave it's hand and open/close it's mouth!!

I couldn't believe it all...seems so crazy since I still cannot feel anything (and believe me, I try, my hands are constantly on my belly!)

We also got to hear the heart beat this time (at 153 beats) which sounded like a horse galloping along...but was normal and healthy.

So here is the updated pic of the lil one in my belly...sorry for the horrible pics, we were at a different place that basically did screening, not so much those adorable pics to look back on...but the entire ultrasound was awesome and my husbands' face was glued to the tv screen (adorable!)

the first 2 are the whole baby and the last one my husband wanted cuz it showed the baby's feet (and were showing the legs too-which were really long already, but are not in the pic).

So, I have a giraffe in my belly

but I love him/her regardless...

gonna be leggy like mommy!

Hope your day was great!
p.s. we also had another aftershock happen at about 1am (woke me up!)

Hope everyone has a great/safe weekend, we are hoping to steer clear of Irene (the hurricane)...but only time will tell what happens and where she hits on land!

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  1. I'm so glad everything is going so smoothly :) How exciting!!!