Thursday, September 1, 2011

13 weeks (and 2 days)

Ok, a little late in posting some pics...been hectic week/not feeling too great, so this is what you get, deal with it :)

I am hoping that she won't mind too much, but I am going to follow along (for the most part) what goes on at Sarah Says... if you haven't seen her blog, jump over and see how she is doing!

She has kinda inspired me to keep track of this pregnancy weekly and make notes, I think it will be fun!! (and something really cool to look back on with Baby A)

Pics taken at 13 weeks 2 days
(although I don't think I should look this big yet,
taken after a large dinner,
so may be partly "food" baby and regular baby :)

  1. How far along? Today marks 13 weeks 2 days!
  2. Maternity clothes? Not yet, but definitely can't wear a belt anymore and the thought of putting on jeans (especially skinny jeans) makes me wanna scream...I go for comfort!
  3. Stretch marks? None yet...(hoping this statement stays a "no")
  4. Sleep? Having issues with sleeping through the night (gotta get up to pee, aftershocks still happening from an earthquake over a week ago, get too hot, etc.) and then my neck hurts badly all day the following day. I tried a different and more firm pillow only to realize that I think it was too hard (is that even possible) and may have bruised my neck, which feels tender and hurts to touch = even less sleep since I can't lay my head down (awesome!)
  5. Best moment last week? Going in for an ultrasound and getting to see peanut whirling around in my belly, opening and closing his/her mouth and just being too cute (plus my husband had his face glued to the screen, he loved it!)
  6. Movement? None yet, I don't think, although some women have told me that early movement feels more like gas bubbles...anyone else confirm that???
  7. Symptoms? Almost out of the first trimester so I have been having lots of belly issues as far as feeling queasy (thankfully not vomiting) and trying to see what I feel like eating, it's kinda hit or miss really...and absolutely ZERO energy...going to bed at 8pm or earlier and falling asleep practically at 2 pm during the day (oopsie!)
  8. Gender? Haven't found out yet, I will be happy with a healthy child, but I think my hubby is pulling for a boy, we have friends pulling for a girl and some for a it's mixed at the moment...we DO plan to find out (we can't wait!)
  9. Labor signs? NOPE
  10. Belly button in/out? Still very in there, no signs of trying to come out yet
  11. What I miss? Having some sushi and a good beer to wash it down with...and my energy!!
  12. Looking forward to? My best friend ever comes to visit this weekend, and I haven't seen her since a few months before I got pregnant, so I get to re-live everything from the beginning and get super excited with her!
  13. What's going on with Baby A? (from

your baby's the size of a peach!
She's about 2.9 inches long and weighs about .81 ounces, and -- proportion-wise -- her head's now about 1/3 the size of her body (remember? It used to be bigger!).

your baby at 13 weeks
  • Can you believe she's forming vocal cords and teeth?!
  • And even though she's still teeny, she already has fingerprints.
  • Her intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place, in her tummy.

And one more pic of my baby belly to show how much I love this little belly monster!

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