Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm pretty amazing when it comes to car stuff...

My husband can attest to this statement.

He LOVES to take apart and put back together (of course with fancier Turbo like things) his car and truck, it's what he does (he's an engineer). He's been doing this as long as I've known him (11+yrs) and way before that (apparently lawn mowers and other things at his parents' house).

So one night this week, he was installing something under the blue baby bomber (as I like to call it) and he had been out there since 5pm and it was about 9ish and he had only been in for checking what to do next online or to eat some dinner with me.

(picture from autocross)

I went out to check on him and asked was there anything I could do...

"I could use your womanly advice..."

Nice, he knows from previous times I have worked on vehicles with him that I typically don't take ALL day like he and his buddies do, partly because I don't take random tools and start making noise and drink tons of beers (especially any at all with peanut in my belly) work tends to progress smoothly, uninterrupted and efficiently.

So, I changed into my "ditry work" clothes, and came to help

I squeezed my way under the car to see what he needed and he explained that this bolt needed to go through this black thing with a hole and then into the hole in the car...easy enough sounding, but he had been under there trying at this stupid thing for over an hour. I explained to him the scenario..."Now, if I get this bolt in on first try, you can't get mad at me, OK?" He seemed fine with this

So, I did exactly that...

I aligned the hole and started turning the bolt at the angle that looked right to me...and SHAZAM...a woman's touch has fixed the problem. He was SUPER relieved and merely laughed at the ease of what I had done, considering he had been trying forever. He later told me I should have messed around and acted like I was trying for a while...but what's the point of that?

I had to do it the 1st time :)

He was really happy and finished up/cleaned up/tested the car out and was finally able to come in and spend time with me :) Of course, it was my bed time (this baby peanut makes me sleeeepy much earlier now)...but it was fun to spend time with him doing something I know he loves...

Plus, I love being his lil grease-monkey!

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  1. Hahaha that is awesome! It is so cool that you do things like that together :)