Monday, September 26, 2011

Family the rain

This past weekend Mike and I went to Sandbridge Beach, VA with my family

of course, it rained on us


Lucky for us, my sister's kiddos could have cared less and loved every minute playing in the rain/ocean/pool

I mean, if they are going to get wet from jumping in a pool then why should it matter if it's raining, right?

I think the cutest part about this weekend was asking my niece and nephew what I should name Baby A...Corbin had no ideas for me, but Lillie (my 3yo niece) had one option that was sure to be it...hands down

(Lillie and I)

She has decided to call my belly (and baby inside) Charley/Charlie

and it's a girl in her mind

We will find out mid-October

More pictures from vacation weekend:
(Corbin and Lillie staring at a frog, named Gomez, in our pool)

(up close and personal with Gomez the frog)

(My sister, Megan, and her kiddos...gearing up for Monopoly...and cleaning up a lil mess)

(Megan helping Lillie walk to get in with flippers on)

(My parents out for a spin on the paddle boat that came with the rental house)

Despite the weather, I know I had a relaxing time with family :)

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