Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reasons why yesterday was a good day

It's kinda rare to have a "Happy Monday"

so I must toot the horn on yesterday a bit...

Here are my 10 reasons why yesterday, a Monday, was a good day.
  1. I stayed busy at work, making the hours fly by
  2. I got my hair cut and styled after work
  3. The lady at the hair cutting place put really good smelling stuff in my hair
  4. I went maternity clothes shopping at Target
  5. I also bought a BUNCH of candy at Target
  6. I went to McDonald's drive-thru for dinner and they got my order right (which hasn't ever happened at this place before)
  7. I also got a free Coca-Cola glass with my order
  8. When the hubby arrived home after his soccer game, he had also gotten McDonald's and a 2nd free glass
  9. we have 2 new cool glasses!!
  10. I got to watch WAY too much tv last night, but still woke feeling refreshed

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