Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Hubbs...the Auto Cross Racer

I can remember back to when Mike told me he was going to be in an auto cross here in town...


In my head, I misplaced what he said with a rally race (which is more like driving on crazy courses with a wing man giving you directions at top speeds along with a bunch of other cars and hoping to not crash and kill yourself or innocent onlookers...)

Auto Cross...

This is more a pace I can actually deal with...more of a drive one car on the course at a time that is defined by orange cones to see who gets the fastest time.


I couldn't tell if he was more nervous or excited the closer the race got...he was always checking online to see the other cars registered and talked about it a LOT!

so cute!

His parents would also be coming along so we could all either video tape or take pictures of his turns around the course. I will say, his first trip around was a bit scary (also because when he came back to the staging area, he thought he was about to drive into a bunch of the guys standing there as spotters)...but after that he progressively decreased his time and made me proud! I think we all got some good footage of are just a few...

His course drawing and notes (from his walk thru)

SOOO excited!

Even though I was freaked out before this, I totally got into it and would go back in a heart beat...Best part was actually getting to ride around inside as a passenger while he drove the course for our "fun runs" :)

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  1. It sounds so fun!!! I'm glad it wasn't like a rally race. I would have been so nervous too, I'm glad it all worked out perfectly :)