Monday, June 6, 2011

Frisco Beach Camping

one word for this trip


I had the best and most RELAXING time while at the beach this past weekend.

Beach camping SUCCESS!

Sunset Friday evening

Campsite #1 set up

Campsite part 2

beer, beach and "bag-o"

lazy summer reading

The crew

These floats were pretty amazing at supporting beers...

and also for floating some lovely ladies!

Erin and her "E" cup...get ready...

Spit happened...

me, trying not to get much more sun, readin a magazine

ECL and C

Sunset Saturday evening worries, we had it under control

glowing warmth

nothing says beach camping like s'mores!

a night by campfire

Mike frisbee throwing...last day

Charley throwing it back...

Thanks to all who were there, made my weekend amazing!

Let's do it again REALLY soon...
k, thanks!

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  1. so sad i missed this! looks like the most fun!