Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Ways to a Better Me

I have been so incredibly busy with work and going to volleyball and so tied up with things each weekend that I feel like I haven't had enough time to reflect

selfish (maybe)...but here goes...

I know it's not the New Year (or anywhere close to it!), but I want to write down 10 ways to a better me, and maybe by doing so it will hold me more accountable to doing/sticking to them!

in no particular order...

1. Do something active 30 min/day

now that I don't have vball 2 nights a week for 2 hours each night, I gotta keep on the exercise train and keep active! Even if it's just walking Channing dog for 30 minutes around the neighborhood (he would probably LOVE that anyways!)...I also feel like somedays this is WAY difficult from already feeling like I have run around a lab for 8 hours of the day...but alas, it's on my list...I will try!

2. Drink more water

I am the WORST at this, but realize it is a much healthier alternative to the soda I I am trying my best to drink 60-80 ounces of water a day...and if I meet that, then I can "splurge" on other beverages!

3. Be less stressed

this is hard, I am your Type A personality ^max, and I have tried in previous years to reign in on my stress...any helpful hints/tips/tricks MUCH appreciated!

4. Spend more quality time with my husband

this is NOT to say that we don't do this already, but like I said in #1, I had been busy with volleyball and he is also busy with soccer too...I really enjoy being around him, he always knows how to make me smile

5. Continue to be crafty

I have truly LOVED getting back into sewing things and want to *try* to branch out and make clothing...this may be a work in progress!

6. Live in the moment

I make lists, it's who I have always been...I feel accomplished when I cross something off or when I finish compiling things...but I also get stressed in anticipation of not being able to finish things on in trying to help with #3, I will live in the moment

7. Spend more time with family and friends

I always feel loved around my friends and family, which makes me less stressed and relaxed...even if it's something during the work week, I need to start hanging out and being less of a home-body

8. Try to get into yoga

I have tried this before doing P90X workouts, but the 1.5 hour long thing didn't really fit into by busy days...I think I may try to find some 30 minute routines and work my way this would be good for my back (which constantly seems to be in some sort of pain) well as a boost to relax a bit more

9. Be less negative

We ALL have those days where we put our own selves down, saying anything from "I am the worst at _____, or I suck at ______"...well, it doesn't help me in the least and takes up energy to think/say this crap, so be gone with it!

10. Find what makes me happy, and be around it/do it

I plan to be around people that make me happy and do crafty things or activities that make me seems only fair to live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment I get here by doing what makes me happy, right?

and as a bonus one, I *might* try to be better at getting less fast food/junk food...
but I don't think I would pass up the french fry if offered...
it might be a weakness of mine along with candy
(any candy!)

What sort of things do you think you could do to make a better you?

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  1. LOVE! I need to follow all 10 of these! ALSO. look up TARA STILES on itunes! short yoga! SO GOOD