Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Like a Kid Again

So I guess I might be the teensiest bit excited about something...ONLY because I have been waking up on my own (NO alarm) anywhere between 5:15 and 6 ish each morning for the past week or so...

What could make me so giddy as to get merely 6 hours of sleep each night?

I am going on a TRIP!


I have never been traveling to many places than to our honeymoon destination in Mexico, so this is QUITE a treat for me.

(insert giddy kid giggles and jubilee over finding out you get to go to DisneyLand!)

{(^that explains me perfectly)}

My sister in law (who is super smart!) is graduating from London Business School and we are going over to celebrate and see her for a whole weeeeek! We have tons of fun things to do and see and I hope there is time to get it all in. One week seems as though it may fly by.

Just LOOOOOK at all these cool things!

Any of you been to London and have any sights I should see?

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  1. London is a fun place, but I was there as a high schooler, so my mom planned the whole trip (i.e., I don't have any recommendations). BUT, from my time in Scotland, I know you need to try as many pubs as possible. Have fun!