Friday, June 3, 2011

Epic Beach Camping Trip

It's that time of the year folks...

Pull out your suntan lotion,
bug spray,
a tent,
a bathing suit
and stuff to make s'mores...

It's beach camping time!

Mike and I are going to Frisco, NC for the weekend and camping out with 4 other friends of ours.


I may have woken up with no alarm clock at 6:15 this morning
(it's quite possible I am still a 5 year old that is antsy to go to Disney World...or something)

Prepare for awesome pictures (we will be using our new camera and I LOVE taking shots of scenery and people in the moment...)

I think we are super lucky that the weather appears to be fantastic (80's for the day and 60-70's at night)...and lots of SUN!

The best part, we all stay in one "spot" and pay $20/night for 2 nights

you do the math:
split it up between 6 people = cheap fun with friends!

not to mention the beach relaxes me to no end...
can't wait to fall asleep listening to waves crashing gently into the shore...

Living the good life!

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