Thursday, June 23, 2011


Did I mention that I love my husband to the utmost degree?

He is the cutest guy everrrrrr...

Last night we were watching my fav tv show (So You Think You Can Dance) and during commercial he went and picked out a DVD...later I notice he isn't really watching the tv show and has turned his full attention to whatever he has chosen.

It's our wedding DVD

He was getting all caught up in looking at the montage of baby pictures of him and the ones of me, and I assume the pictures of us together as a couple.

He then reminisced with some of the toasts (particularly his dad's who is part of Toastmasters...which basically means he is A-MAZING at giving speeches).

He was sitting watching all this at the laptop and every time I looked over, he had this huge smiley grin plastered on his face

Yea, I Love this guy a bunch!

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