Monday, March 21, 2011

My Dog, the Scaredy Cat!

Since I grew up with dogs since I was born, I don't know that I have ever known a dog to be so freaked out by things...

That was until I got my dog Channing.

This guy had quite the episode this morning (I am talking from 4am on til I had to get out of bed for work = not so happy dog mommy!) Basically, we were supposed to have a thunderstorm this morning (granted there were pieces of hail that were nothing to laugh at!) but he must have had some other sense that was telling him to begin freak out mode...SUPER early. The storm didn't hit our house until shortly after 7am (and luckily after I had to escort him outside to use the bathroom since he was so freaked).

But that is not the worst far...

Never in my life have I ever heard this before and don't know of any other pet that will do this, but my dog does this crazy thing when he gets totally freaked out by something. Of course he curls up in a typical ball so small and scared and naturally he is shaking and quaking and shivering all over...but the odd part is...

His teeth chatter!

That's right folks-my dog gets himself so in a tizzy over things that his teeth chatter to the point that you can HEAR it! I feel so bad for him, and there really is NO consoling this poor dog-he is beyond help/rescue! No matter how much I cuddle up to him and cover him in blankets or try to distract him from the noises that he hates, he refuses to be better until it has passed/can't hear it anymore.


It doesn't only happen with also happens with nail guns, granted we do not use these all the time, but our neighbor is very crafty and can usually be found outside working on a project on the weekends and since we spent our entire weekend outside with the GORGEOUS weather with Channing in tow, he of course heard the nail gun across the street, freaked, ran into the garage and cowered.

It was so sad!

I have a feeling that something must have happened to him as a puppy/newborn. He was actually an abandoned pup on the street that someone at my college found and was looking for a good home. I happily took him in and got him back to a healthy dog but am not sure what he went through in the beginning. I mean, he must have weathered some storms maybe this causes his aversion?!?

Anyways, I love his little face and will continue to do all I can to stop his freak outs...He makes me super happy!

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