Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buns of Fun

I made "Fun Buns" today for a brunch I went to (in early celebration of my friend Marisa's bday!)

They are this deliciously easy nom nom when eaten straight outta the oven...

Here's how it went down:
-crescent rolls (if not many people, 1 package is fine)...I had 2 but wished I had 4!
-large marshmallows
-melted butter
-muffin tin
-Pam or some kind of butter/grease spray (for tin)
Oven set to 375 (put in for 10-13 min...will begin to brown and marshmallow will explode out when done!)

I set out some wax paper on the counter to be able to unroll and work with the crescent roll pieces, melted the butter in a small dish, and had a plate for the cinn/sugar mix

Basically you take a marshmallow, dip it in the butter and then roll it to your hearts content in cinnamon/sugar...then place this on a crescent roll piece

The hard part is rolling the crescent piece around the marshmallow and pinching the sides to cover it up...Make sure you spray down/grease the ENTIRE muffin pan (these tend to "explode" in the oven and will help with clean up later!)

And I wish I had a picture of the final buns, but they went quick!

Hope you enjoy! And seriously, eat them when they come outta the oven...they are gooey and sticky and hot and oh so good!

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