Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Projects and things

I LOVE to do house projects with my husband...





While I will admit that we often have our frustrating moments (stomping, cursing, throwing things, etc. Basically having a tantrum like a 2-3 year old)...we truly love doing them to leave OUR mark on the house we live in...to update it and make it modern and contemporary and fit OUR style.

We moved into our house back in December of 2008 and IMMEDIATELY set to work...before we even moved in real things...


(I meant before anything-including our furniture!)

This house of ours had some interesting choices, the wallpaper trim around some rooms and BRIGHT PINK room with MAGENTA TRIM and the paint roller effects in other rooms to name a few...

(don't get me wrong-PINK is my favorite color...I just don't know if I need a whole room painted as such...accents are nice though...)

So, I can remember taking down the wallpaper trim (which is horrible...don't ever wallpaper things...whoever moves in after you will NOT like them and will also go through the same hell-ish process in removing them...it's just not fun!)

We then painted just about every room, hall, bathroom, closet and trim piece there was...






(no more please!)

We moved on to bigger and better things though (and more fun for that matter).

We tiled our foyer and 1/2 bath (and later replaced the vanity, mirror, lights and faucet)

We installed laminate floors downstairs in the family room
(note the fireplace in back...that will change in a couple pictures...)

We gave our front yard a "face lift"

We tiled over our brick fireplace
(we still need a mantle!)

And we have tile ready for our next tiling process (to occur in the guest bath upstairs)

We have such big ideas for other parts of our house, it all basically comes down to $$ and time

But we would LOVE to totally change our kitchen around (including re-wiring, re-routing water lines...a whole lotta things!)
We would also love to really go all out on our master bath, which is already quite large, but I would love a jacuzzi tub and a different shower and some built in storage for towels and toiletries...and lots more tiling!

I must send a special thanks out to my sister-in-law (Laura) who taught us how to start tiling and laid down the very first few tiles in our house :) From that point on we have been tiling like crazies when we get the chance!

I guess that's how I have been letting my creative side flow lately...feels nice!

Oh, and we also did a really nice retaining wall for Mike's parents (I think 2-3 weeks right before our wedding!) But it turned out lovely and his parents really like it a lot!!

I am also going to try my hand in making soy candles...hopefully I don't burn the house down in trying, but I think it would be a fun and creative project for me to do and hopefully simple enough that I don't get frustrated (and run around pouting and griping to Mike)...

we shall see, projects take patience and time (both of which I have little of sometimes!)

but...I do Love me some candles

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