Saturday, March 5, 2011

All in a Day's Work

What a fabulous day!

To start with I got the pleasure of going to see my sister and her kids and getting to go to Lillie's dance class...unfortunately I have no video or photos from that-there was a small door to look through and as the adoring Aunt that I am, I felt I shouldn't hog it the whole time while video/picture taking!

So instead, I have this lil gem below, where we are riding to class and talking about who is singing the song in the background with Lillie and Corbin (I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!)

I got a pedicure with my mom and sis...I call this bubblegum pink (completely forgot the actual color name)

Got out of half of the work of lowering the WRX...before above and after below )only an inch difference, but just what Mike wanted...

I got to see my sweet puppy Channing...sorry for the photo session...I really missed he was being really cute!


And of course, the dogs were guarding the house...Ande, Aimee and Channing

I also wandered back down to where we held our wedding (on Mike's parents' property) and took pictures of our signs (the Live Laugh Love signs...)

They had gotten "weathered" if you will, but I still love them and the day they remind me of...

The hubbster and I...

First dance

Snapshots with a prop

CHANNING (a co-ring bearer), me, my sister and her daughter Lillie (my flower girl)

Those 2 sweet kiddos, Lillie and Corbin (the other half of ring bearer duties)

The bridesmaids and I being silly! I consider all of them my sisters despite the fact that only one is my true sister...

Dancin the night away!

Just a few of my favorite ladies jumping for a cute picture! Love you ladies!

And one of my favorites, a montage of Mike leaping to get a pretty cool lil scene!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous!


  1. Your pictures are just the cutest! You are all so happy!

  2. Thanks so much! I feel like I re-live that day each time I look at my pictures and video :)