Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Dog is Smarter than your Honor Student...

Channing really is quite remarkable...he went to puppy training classes when he was little and learned the basics, but he sure does have a few tricks up his sleeve.

While living with my roomie (E$ as I refer to her as), we decided to teach him something a little more fun than just your normal sit/stay/speak/lay down and roll over (all of which Channing thinks are elementary).

So what better than "Spank the booty"

I know this sounds bad, but he merely sits down beside you and you place your hand around your hip area and say "spank the booty", I think he thinks he is giving you some different kind of "high five" or a really odd hand shake (with your booty?!?)...but it's comical and better than the average trick!

He can also close doors...totally awesome! See below

I really need to teach him to open the fridge, grab me a beer and bring it to me...that'll be the day!

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