Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So addicted right now...

That's right, addiction. You know you have little obsessions too about random odds and ends...but they are one in the same to addiction-something you can't imagine not having in life...that obsession over something that you go crazy about if you don't----have---it---right----N O W!

I have many crazy little obsessions...and you may quite possibly think I am nuts for some of these, but I am pretty sure I would find you to be a bit bonkers over the little things that make your heart skip a beat if you just don't get it...

I mean, just sit (really, sit down, please)...and think about the things in your life that you can be something small (say hearing a certain noise) to something much bigger (say, a person)...but there are things that make each of us tik and tok in our own fashion...we each dance to the beat of our own drum, do we not? (ok, so maybe I am the only one that just dances for the heck of it, possibly one of my crazy little things...but you wish you did if you don't!)

So to start off my super crave addiction obsessed with list, is something that I could have all day everyday, and in my mind I would not get sick (or at least this is what I would hope) may have guessed it (especially if you have ever been around me for extended times)...CANDY. It's also pretty darn cool that it rhymes with my name, kinda makes me feel like we are meant to intermingle with one another. Although I do have some absolute FAVORITES, I love most all candies---sweet, sour, tart, make my head spin and my tummy grumble if I cannot have you. And yes-I am that person at the workplace that always has CANDY in my drawer (ssshhhhh! Don't tell my co-workers...ok, I already told them, but maybe they forgot!). I currently have nerds (they are so yum). I used to have chocolate yesterday, but the way that little heart wrapped thing stared at me when I opened the drawer-I couldn't take it, ended the chocolate in my drawer phase, until I get a new batch... I am also the person that goes to stores the day after a holiday (say Valentine's Day, the most recent) to purchase all these little nom nom's when they are on sale...I stock up...I mean how can I not!?! And yes, I have also gone to places to purchase 4lb bags of my fav candy...Sour Patch Kids...and eaten this bag WAY too quickly for anyone's good...and probably left none for my husband (who I think I have forced a candy crave onto since we always have something sweet and delicious in the house...)I have also been known to go on trips with my husband and his family and I totally wake up and stuff my face FULL of sour skittles...delectable! It's almost like I get a jump start to my day...I feel ahead of the pack! No one can catch this crazy skittle lady zooming anywhere on this sour skittle high...just try!

Another intoxicating delight of mine may have to be SODA...ugh, I can't help myself when it comes to this bad boy. Especially when I mix it with CANDY time...too much---can we say OVERLOAD (but in a good way!). I have tried numerous times to "give this up" on said New Year's Resolution...but I think I make it a week and wimp out. I know some people who can't stand SODA, I wish this was me. I can't stand water-which is horrible of me. So I have been trying to be better and chug it while at work (in between experiments and at lunch) so that when I get home I CAN HAS SODA!!!! (said in crazy LOL Cats voice) Miraculous bubbly numminess...I have currently been without this substance for the past 2 days (no major feat in the eyes of some, but to me...goodness gracious great balls of fire...this is deadly!).

On a better note, well in some cases, I LOVE/CRAVE/WANT SUSHI...we haven't always had this relationship...we grew on one another back in college. I remember my first account with SUSHI, back at my favorite hometown restaurant-Flaming Wok-and my sister made me try this "stuff". Well, I have no idea what I tried, but I am pretty sure it never made it down my throat...seriously...But I started back up in my exploratory college years, yearning for something other than that two cent meal that we have all had at least once in our life (Ramen noodles, or some variation). I started off with shrimp tempura rolls-basically a piece of fried shrimp wrapped up in a roll form...and quite delicious...I then ventured to things like tuna and salmon rolls...til I finally mustered the nerve for...EEL (hold your horses, it's pretty good...just work up to it!). I also LOVE getting spicy rolls (spicy tuna and crazy "specials" that the place has)...And I remember back to the days where I merely dipped said rolls into soy sauce, now I cannot get enough of that the point that my soy sauce isn't "saucy" anymore and is more of a brown paste that when added to my roll and eaten makes my eyes water and clear all sinuses...immediately!

I also have a love affair with Mexican food...whether it's my traditional "Speedy Gonzalez" or just some tacos and rice, I can't get enough of the chips and salsa...not to mention the massive fish bowl style margaritas they serve alongside these meals. Since Mike and I cannot go out every night (it get $$ people!) we try our best at making enchiladas as well as fish tacos each about once a week...if we are lucky. We also try to make our own "chips"by taking tortillas, cutting them up, and allowing them to bake in a pan with some oil and salt...they turn out pretty great, but nothing compares to just sitting in the restaurant and having something made for you...I think I am craving this only because it has been since about the middle of last week since I have had any Mexican type food...W---A---Y TOO LONG!

I am also a super neat freak...I can't help this, I am pretty sure I was born this's been passed through generations (my mom's mom apparently maintained her kitchen so well that you could literally EAT OFF THE FLOOR!). I may not have the time to keep my house in that lovely condition, but I freak out if I can't clean the house once a week. I just can't take my sweet dog's hairs...everywhere! And all the dust and stuff...not to mention everything that has been on kitchen counters and the floors...did I mention...I have a dog! He is pretty good about just passing out on the comfy bed while we are at work, but when we are home I am pretty sure his "loose hairs" know this and fall off..I did a massive "Spring Cleaning" naturally back in December (I was off from work people-don't judge!)...but it was basically a move all the furniture, dust all baseboards/pictures/wall trim/etc., move everything off book shelves and clean...get in the attic and toss things I don't need got crazy and basically I had little to no "rest" on my week off from work...ooooppsss! I think I have gotten better about this, but probably not...I am hoping this changes before we have kids, otherwise I will be having a rude awakening, or just be beyond stressed that things are crazy messy...oh boy!

I consider myself a television junkie. We finally got a DVR and the wonders of this little machine amaze me. Now I don't have to fear that I may miss an episode of something I am totally attached to in order to go out for the night...I'll just DVR it, no prob! Pretty sure that the DVR is constantly working non-stop to record tv shows nightly at our house between 8 and stops around 11 (poor thing is getting over worked!). It's a big obsession of mine and to think back to the days where I had a $10 cable bill (college days of being cheap...remember the Ramen noodles??) I am not quite sure how I survived without all this "junk"!
Lately I have been keeping up with Housewives of _____ (Orange County/New York City/etc.) although I have yet to watch an episode of the Miami Housewives...I also watch shows like Castle, Modern Family, The Office, Outsourced, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Fringe, The Bachelor, Teen Mom 2, Parenthood, Wipeout (hysetrical!), Glee, Criminal Minds, Minute to Win it, Bethenny Ever After, Top Chef, I Used to be Fat, Bad Girls Club, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Idol (only the beginning when the crazies are on there for comic relief to my day), NCIS, Biggest Loser, Million Dollar Listing, Millionaire Matchmaker, Jersey Shore, Real World (it's coming soon!), and also coming soon is All About Aubrey (the Danity Kane girl, and yes, I used to watch Making the Band...) Now that I have completely geeked out on tv, I fear my fellow readers will look at me in strange ways the next time I see them...but, this is me...take me or leave me!
(please, please take me!!)

And last, but certainly not least, my husband-Mike :) It's truly mind blowing to me, but we have talked about growing up and all, and we totally went to the SAME PRESCHOOL...whoa! That's intense...Not in the same class (he is a year ahead of me), but at the same concerts/plays/etc. that were put on at preschool, so he totally saw me and I totally saw him (we think)...but how insanely crazy is that??!?! Then we end up at the same high school and with the helpful nudging of a track teammate or two, we end up starting to date and the rest is history. We are like two peas in a pod (I know, sounds stupid, but true nonetheless). We usually get what the other is thinking without having to say a word-it's awesome and I wouldn't give it away for anything in the world. Don't get me wrong, we have our moments-but everyone does...but for the most part I just absolutely love him and being loved in return...unconditionally and without warrant. It's addicting I tell you and you would totally feel this way if you were with your soul mate too. He picks me up when I am down and stressed and helps talk me through tough times. He also pulls out my more adventurous side (motorcycle riding-which I could also do on my own since I have my own motorcycle license!, and 4 wheeling, etc.) Life can't get much better for me, and I know I can't imagine NOT having him in my life...let's not even think crazy things like that! Anyways, he loves me in sweatpants (which I wear non-stop because I love being comfortable)...which makes me giddy...I am not your typically girly girl, and never have been really...although I am trying to break free a bit from this since all my girlfriends always seem so wonderfully and tastefully dressed in cute skirts or dresses...I still prefer my jeans/jeggings!

I am sure I am addicted to more than just these items, but they came to the forefront of my mind...I am sure I will put little additions to this later, but for now...I know you all think I am crazy after reading this, so I will just let a little sink in at a time...

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  1. you have a motorcycle license. You an amazing girl. seriously.