Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy to be Thankful

Today is Friday folks!

Can't complain there
next week is Thanksgiving!

I'm kinda secretly pumped about this because my husband and I are having his family over to OUR house
Turkey Day at OUR house

This is a first!!

We luckily just bought a nice sit.down.let' type table
which was (and still is for that matter) extremely HEAVY.
It's got a marble top and is about 6 ft long
and stunning!

My husband and I are in charge of all the side dishes
his parents will bring the ham and dessert
(no turkey here this year folks!)

I am headed to shop for most of the stuff today
and am excited about what I plan to prepare

Yummy sides include:
green bean casserole
crock pot mashed potatoes (and side bar of cheese, bacon and chives)
cranberry sauce
crock pot mac n cheese (thanks to a recipe from my friend Kelly)
sausage and sage stuffing (from a farmer's market)
and fresh chicken gravy (from farmer's market)

I'm drooling thinking about all this food
and I am kinda happy to not have to travel this year

Normally we would go to one set of parents
then the other
be super stuffed
and pass out
food coma
(and beer coma too)

So, I am thankful and happy this year for being able to have my family over and share with them

Any of you have family traditions you do?
We typically go around the table and say what we are thankful for...
which always gets me emotional (especially when the kiddos say something super sweet!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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