Thursday, July 21, 2011

Promise-I'm still here!

How to even begin?

Things have been crazy hectic since coming home from London. Trying to get back on the right time/sleep schedule and having tons of work to get done (and extra work from the head honcho) before my supervisor returns next week...not to mention weekends filled with activities and non-stop stuff!

So, first of all, sorry for not posting anything in over a week (I hate that I haven't had time).

I will do my best to be better and share really fun and interesting things!!

This weekend is jammed packed!
1) Wedding on Friday night
2) Engagement party all afternoon on Saturday

and if we can muster the energy...
3) go to Busch Gardens Sunday to hear Colbie Caillat in concert!! (It's basically the only time she is touring on the East Coast and one of her songs was our 1st dance song at our wedding over a year ago...) if you haven't heard of her, please check her out-she's kinda amazing!

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