Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend recap

So remember this post?

Yea, we were pretty darn busy all weekend...not to mention that I stayed home not feeling so well on Thursday and Friday!

The wedding we went to on Friday night was one I have never experienced before. Our neighbors (who are Indian) invited us to their daughters wedding...technically...they had married the day before and this was a part in a long process of partying. There must have easily been over 400 invited and everyone was elaborately dressed. It was very neat to see the cultural traditions, although I heard we missed out on the "shoe" bargaining later on that evening.

Saturday turned out to be a bit rainy, but overall we had a wonderful time at Lake Monticello celebrating an engagement of some lovely friends. Tons of food, boat rides, water name it. And naturally we stayed WAY past the end time (til about 9pm). But it was a blast!

Sunday, well, we unfortunately didn't make it out to see Colbie Caillat at Busch Gardens (bummer)...but we did end up going to see Harry Potter Part 2 in the afternoon (to beat the nasty heat!). It was also great to use out LivingSocial deal! We both got to watch the movie for ONLY $9!! (instead of about $18 for us both!)...naturally we made up for this fact and bought popcorn, drink AND Sour Patch kids (YUMMMM!)

I am hoping to settle down a bit and get geared up for this coming weekend...sadly a dear friend leaves to move to ATL with her hubby and another friend is moving into another place close by...moving out and tearful goodbyes!

Then, holy crap, it's August?!? Where does time go?

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  1. It sounds like such a wonderful weekend, but so very busy! The wedding would have been really interesting, I would love to go to an Indian wedding one day. I hope you had some time to rest before this weekend :) xoxo