Monday, April 4, 2011


Today my workplace is very v-a-c-a-n-t...almost eerily so.

I am one of 4 people here working today out of a normal almost 20 people.

The lab is usually bustling and busy and people talking everywhere and experiments going on like crazy.

Not today.

It ALMOST felt like a belated April Fools joke (haha, you are at work on a holiday!), but most of the lab is actually down in Florida for a cancer research conference. I got the short end of that stick!

I am stuck here doing more research and keeping things going.

But it is quite nice to have a little less crazy here and a lot more quiet.

And to top it off, it is going to be about 80 degrees today, so it will kinda feel like Florida weather!


  1. i love the quiet! love you bb!

  2. That actually sounds kind of nice! I love when my workplace is quiet :) Plus the Florida weather has come to you!
    Thanks for the candle recipe, I'll definitely have to give it a try this weekend!
    And camping actually on the beach sounds great, we might have to give that a try next time! xoxo

  3. Maybe I'm weird but I actually kinda hate when I'm in the office alone at work. It reminds me that I'm the only one at work and everyone else is playing. At least, that's what I automatically assume :)