Monday, April 18, 2011


Mike and I decided a while back that we were going to go to OBX for a weekend getaway to celebrate a year of successful this past weekend, that's exactly what we did!

We rented this cute little cottage (that still had 4 bedrooms and enough space to sleep up to 12 people!) It had a hot tub and ocean views and was a quick walk to get your feet in the sand...

When we got there we wanted to snap some pictures after dinner...And I might add if you are ever in Rodanthe, NC area, visit Top Dog Cafe...SUPER good food and great prices with some really friendly locals...but go early in off season, things close up around some cases at 6 pm!

It was a bit windy out there!

Boys playing in the sand...

Channing found a "devil's pocketbook" or "mermaid's purse"

Beautiful view of the Rodanthe pier

Strawberries and champagne for dessert

Channing was SO tired, he is barely keeping his eyes open for this shot
Cute picture in the cottage

Colorful deck furniture/seashells

Our mile post...39 and 3/4
my toes in the sand = COMPLETE relaxation (despite the wind and chill to the air)

A look down the beach

Tons of birds...I couldn't even get them all in...they went on for miles and finally got into a V formation

foot/paw prints :)

Mike and Channing

Me and my puppy dawg!

We we going to go on a Pea Island hike since the weather stayed nice, but we weren't allowed to bring I just took a photo or two
Trail info

We got to see a bunch of kite surfers...check this guy out! They must have been loving the storm that was coming to give them such crazy waves to ride

A little "Monogamy" wine to finish off day 2

Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with my husband :)

Hot tub relaxing (look at his baby blue eyes!)

We got the timer on our camera to take a pic of us relaxing on our last was so nice to sit in the hot tub and have the cool ocean breezes keep you cooled just was also amazing to be able to hear the ocean while sitting there...

I can't wait to go back...the beach is one of my favorites...this was especially nice since it was down time for Mike and I and Channing was being so good. We also got super lucky with the stormed really bad Saturday night after 9pm. We were surprised to see that some tornadoes must have touched down in the area since on our ride home we saw a house or two completely covered in trees and everything else around them fine and untouched...hope everyone is ok!

We spent the last 1/2 day at Oregon Inlet (where you can drive your vehicle on the sand). We pitched a blanket and read some in our books and soaked up the sun...there was much less of a breeze and today I am actually a little sunburned on my face and legs!

One poooooped dog sleeping on the way home

We finally started heading back around 4pm and picked up our friends dog named Goose about half way home...we will be Goose sitting while they are in Vegas for the week.

Meet Goose! She will be with us for a week :)
Goose and Channing...BFF's

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  1. SO fun!!!!! yay! Missed you this weekend!