Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Princess and the Pea

Have you ever read that story?

Well, if not, that's ok...this blog is about sleeping (I just think the cartoon is funny!)

So I had never really thought about the way I sleep affecting so much stuff until I read this news posting by CNN yesterday...

and boy, do I sleep in the WORST position of them all...

Yes, that's me...the stomach sleeper.

If you don't have time to read that news report, basically it says that sleeping on your back is best, followed by sleeping on your side, then fetal position and finally (and worst of all) the stomach (yep-me!)

The worst part of all is that apparently the position you sleep in affects not only your spine/adjustment but also wrinkle formation and also (if you happen to be a lady) your "breast perkiness"...really?

I mean, I guess it makes sense that gravity is working on those bad boys while you sleep at night...and you tend to go to sleep every over time they will sag more?!? Oi!

But I guess I thought more about it yesterday after I woke up, got into work and had the WORST whole body feeling. My whole spine (from tailbone to neck) was killing matter what I did (stretch, massage, etc.) the pain wouldn't diminish...even with good old advil (which I usually hate to resort to meds to fix something...I will wallow in pain for all that I can)

So, since I am a tummy sleeper....this news cast also told me that my tummy sleeping will also cause numbness/tingling due to incorrect or lack of spinal alignment at night....go figure!

So, last night I tried out back sleeping (best position)...I usually have a hard time falling asleep this way, but for some reason after reading my book a bit, I passed out...woke up feeling super refreshed (with fewer wrinkles and perky breasts) and ready to start this day with a bang!

How do you sleep??


  1. That's pretty interesting, I had never thought about it before. I sleep on my side, which I had assumed was really for me..that's strange that it's not!

  2. Oh can I just comment. Maybe Mandy rolls over during the middle of the night, but this princess of mine always falls asleep on her back, with her glasses on, snoring the night away. It's so cute. I'll have to get a video sometime. I always have to ask her to take her glasses off so she doesn't break them in the middle of the night when she does roll over eventually. Anyways, just my insider observations.