Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday recap

Yesterday was a good way!

I got up early and was at work at 7am getting experiments going so I could leave at 3 and meet Kendall for our Picasso viewing.

Luckily the day passed quickly at work and I kept busy trying to finish everything early...then I got to do something FUN!

I went to the Picasso exhibit with Kendall and we were like 2 kids in a candy shop, relatively speaking.

The Picasso art collection is being passed around to 7 different venues for specified times, and this was the only east coast venue. We were lucky to have gone yesterday (instead of the weekend- when I heard people were herding through like bumper cars and you couldn't see the artwork).

The place was nearly empty as we were the second to last viewing time for the day.


Not only is Picasso one of my all time fav artists, I had no idea that he also did some sculptures as well as took some photography (some of which were displayed)

It was breathtaking! 10 rooms devoted to works of art, hung on walls or spread across floor space...

I was also LOVING the fact that Kendall also wanted to really take her time and gaze at each piece of art, I'm talking we stood in front of each piece for a good 30 sec or so...and there were TONS of art pieces to look at.

We were wandering through for 1 1/2 hours!

The time passed super quick and I had no idea that we were in there that long. It was so nice to not feel rushed or have tons of people chatting loudly and disturbing the element of really taking in what you are viewing...I was in heaven.

If you are in any way interested in Picasso and can view the collection, I highly suggest it!

We then finished up and made our way over to Franklin Inn, a small grub/pub place for a drink and some nibbles, where we were also lucky enough to meet up with Marisa real quick before she had to run (literally).

This place was the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon. It was small and quaint, but had some good atmosphere to it. I ordered an Armenian beer (which was good) and Kendall had a glass of Chardonnay (which was also good). We split some sweet potato fries and hummus with bread pieces...which were both super duper delicious and filled us up!

I then finally made my way home to my husband who had made us dinner (did I mention I love him to pieces and I hadn't even asked him to fix anything-he is too darn cute). It was also our 1 year wedding anniversary, so I sat down and ate what I could.

I think the best part was heading upstairs and eating a bowl of ice cream for dessert in bed with my honey!

What a perfect Wednesday!

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