Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Leap Day baby here

So I seriously was convinced that I was going to have my little girl on Leap Day yesterday.  Ever since I found out that 2012 was a leap year and that I was due with her March just seemed that she would be destined to truly celebrate her birthday once every 4 years (on the actual day)...not saying there would be no birthday celebration, cuz I don't roll that way, no sir!

But, alas, she did not come yesterday.

I think she was being stubborn and just KNEW that her real birthday would only happen once every 4 years, and she was NOT about to have that.  I mean, I thought for SURE she was coming to meet us yesterday.

I woke at 2 am and started timing contractions

Naturally, these were sporadic and lasting different amounts of time and weren't the "true labor contractions"...but I was having them nonetheless...and they continued to go on from 2 am til almost 10 am, without really stopping...which in my head meant something was destined to happen yesterday and that we are about to finally meet our sweet girl

But, she is stubborn...

We have been trying our best to "help her along the way..." with spicy food at every meal since Tuesday night (except for breakfasts...) and we took a REALLY looooooong walk today since it almost got to 80 degrees outside.  But, she remains in there for now, milking the whole cuddly/cozy effect being inside my belly has on her.  

I guess I can't blame her...

Apparently my poor mother carried me an extra week past her due date (I apparently did not want to be born on Halloween!) 

So, we shall continue to play the waiting game with this girl...but she better know that come Monday evening when mommy starts to be induced, she better start making her way into this world, cuz I don't think I am going to wanna wait much past then!

In other news, miraculously the swelling that has been plaguing my poor feet has completely disappeared...not sure why or how this happened, but mommy is VERY thankful!

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