Sunday, January 6, 2013

10 month old baby

I am such a slacker!

I really can't believe I haven't written a post in about 6 months!  Yowza

Well, I will try to squish a whole bunch in here without being too much of a bore to you...

Since my last post (ages ago), Kensington has been growing like a weed.  At her 9 month check up she was 28 inches long (somewhere around 92% percentile) and weighing in at 19lbs 9ozs.

Staring back at pictures of her when she was younger, I can't believe it, but it seems she has lost some of that cute chubbiness in her cheeks and body...and I have always thought she was such a skinny lil thing with big ole chubby cheeks ;)

She has been crawling around like crazy.  
 We even say she puts on her "after burner" when she puts her head down and attempts to go at lightening speed to her destination.
She is a little hard to keep up with at times, so the whole thought that she may be walking before too long is really scary!

She pulls herself up regularly and will teeter around furniture or anything she can grab onto for support to walk-with-help around.
Her walker is interesting, to say the least, in that she doesn't balance out the whole "go forward slowly and balanced" thing and tends to over do it going forward and races along or leans back and ends up back on her tush.

She even lets go and stands on her own for a bit
This one is the scary part
I know she is feeling out her independence and gaining confidence in herself to stand and soon enough walk

She speaks a few things:
Duck/Dog? (we have a dog, but at daycare they swear she says Duck)
and my fav...Uh-Oh!

She eats solid foods like a champ and it's been kinda nice preparing dinner for a family of 3 instead of something special for her along with dinner for 2
The thing that makes my hear soar is that she really loves my homemade applesauce :)
and my famous grilled cheese sandwiches!

She is such a sweetie and I honestly can't believe how much time has flown by...mostly been preoccupied with her at nights and on weekends with little time to spare for the blogging world...I mean I am lucky enough to get the house cleaned!

She had a wonderful 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas and slept through the New Year celebrations.
I can't believe in 2 short months our little baby girl with be 1 year old!

So in the meantime, here are a few pictures to update on how she has changed!
Family Beach Vacation 

Sitting with her monkey

At a wedding with her daddy

The beginning of crawling

Super Smiley

Happy girl headed to daycare

Pretty girl owl hat

Strolling girl cuteness

Ready to crawl and take over the world

9 month old sweetheart

pizza face!

Looking at books

Doggie smooches

Smiley girl

Pulling up on everything
Christmas outfit

And at 10 months today, she is ready to cheer on her Redskins with friends!

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