Monday, September 16, 2013

Butterflies and Tumblin' Tots

This past weekend we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
They currently have a Butterflies Live! exhibit going on
which is rather extraordinary!

Naturally, we were there when the gardens opened 
we were the ONLY 3 people inside the exhibit
the whole time we were there

We walked around and stared in amazement
Kensie was thrilled with all the butterflies
but I may have been a little more excited!

I have never seen SO many butterflies
in one place
and all different kinds

It was pretty magical

Sunday, The Little Gym was having an open house
We decided to go in and see what it was all about

At first, Kensie was really shy and sitting in my lap
Staring at all the other kids and adults
But she slowly crept out of her shell
and by the end of the open house
She didn't want to leave!

Of course, at home Sunday evening
We were changing her crib sheets
and she decided to make her bed into a jumping mat
and flop on her bottom

Totally the cutest...
Then we sang no more monkeys jumping on the bed
accompanied by 3 monkey animals she has
and she was bouncing the monkeys right along 
and trying to sing the song too

Love her big

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