Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I swear I'm usually not this busy!

Wowza...these past 2 weeks or so have been CRAZY!

I had an amazing trip to Atlantic City with the girls May6-8. It was Martha's Bachelorette weekend, and boy did we live it up!

Upon coming home Sunday afternoon (and also Mother's Day), Mike's family were in town...they went to a movie at Cinebistro (I stayed home and got things together for the work week/rested...pure exhaustion!) They were naturally celebrating Mother's Day and also Mike's father had a birthday May 9th.

Monday I had volleyball and also had to finish up my towels I was making for my mom and sister...Mike's mom loved hers and luckily I was able to give them to her on Mother's Day while she was in town...

Either Tuesday or Wed. I made homemade pepperoni rolls (with major help from Mike). They were for the cookout his work was having on Friday (the 13th!!)

Thursday I had more volleyball and also packing to head home (FINALLY)

Friday was the cookout, which was a spread of amazing food (potluck type deal) and I got to finally meet some of Mike's coworkers (he just got a new job about a month ago).

We then skidadled back home to see my parents along with Channing dog :) He loves car rides!

I gave my mom her Mother's day and birthday presents (she loved the handmade towels which she thought I bought at a store and the handmade candle)...

Saturday we met up with my sister and I gave her a set of earrings from this rad chica and also the set of towels I made for her, she loved both! We had a yummy dinner made by my dad (and his grilling skillz) and hung out

Sunday morning was spent at Bodo's (BEST.BAGELS.ON.EARTH...for serious!) We then went to feed ducks at Boar's head and finished up with a Pen Park visit where my sister's kiddos got exhausted.

On the way back home, my dad said we could either hang at the house all afternoon OR go for an impromptu pontoon boat trip since the weather was cooperating (silly weather forecasters!)

Being on the boat again was awesome. It was Mike's first time and also a first time to get the boat at MAX speed (if we wished). Mike decided to do some wakeboarding and was awesome at it (as usual!)...My dad was getting used to towing people and then picking them up after they fell, so it was a good experience all around.

We headed back in JUST IN TIME...we got the boat docked and the cover snapped back on and everything in the cars when the rain fell outta the sky like nobody's business.

It was a crazy week or 3...but worth it...

In need of relaxation and peace now...

And not to forget a lovely giggly girl dinner last night and a fun float/boat/sun/grill/and drinks time this coming weekend...oh and a BBQ too on Friday.

I mean,
come on,
there is no time for sitting around here-
we are on the go type people

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