Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Night

Last night I played volleyball with my Women's Open league.

We were scheduled to play the 18 Nationals team (I guess they are playing to get more experience and try out different line-ups for their competitions...)

Anyways, the cutest thing happened prior to the game.

My team was all sitting around as they warmed up (we are old, tired and had just played for an hour, give us a break!)...and out of the corner of the gym (which is huge), this boy yells "COURTNEY!..."

In the midst of this girl named Courtney recognizing where the voice was coming from, the guy then proceeded to have 5 of his teammates (they were there playing volleyball that night too) lift up their shirts...

they read:


Adorable...the guy then said will you go to prom with me and she went over to hug, accept and get a little covered plate of treats from the guy.

Makes me miss the days of being a high schooler and trying to be creative in doing things that mean a lot :)

Thought I'd share

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  1. That is so sweet!!! Thank you for sharing, this brightened my day :)